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Case report : Broken knee
Patient: The patient is approximately 50-year-old woman, who has fractured her knee
patella, and the knee has been operated on. Since the trauma and still four weeks
after the surgery, she has edema on a large area around the knee: circumference
in the swollen right knee is 36 cm, vs left knee 32 cm. There are colour changes in
the skin on both sides of the scar, and the skin is tight.
The patient wears braces, with immobilization removed a week earlier. Pain is on
level 4 in the VAS scale of 1 to 10, and range of motion is clearly reduced. Active
flexion is 20 degrees, passive 30 degrees.
Methods: The patient was treated twice using the LymphaTouch device. The inguinal lymph
nodes were first opened manually. LymphaTouch was then applied in a pulsating
mode, and with a 50-90 mHg negative pressure setting, to transport the lymph
away from the knee area towards the inguinal lymph nodes.
The scar area was finally treated using continuous 90 mmHg suction, both by
keeping the treatment head in place and by sliding it on the skin.
The treatment sessions lasted 25 minutes.
Results: The swelling in the knee was clearly reduced already during the first treatment
session, so that the circumference of the knee decreased by 1 cm. During the
secong treatment a week later, the circumference reduced by a further 0,5 cm.
Range of movement improved by 10 degrees, the color of the skin improved a
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