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Ten Strategies for Preventing Prostate Cancer 1) Eat your G-BOMBS. G-BOMBS (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds) have powerful anti-cancer effect 2) Reduce consumption of meat, eggs and dairy. 3) Eat lots of tomatoes, especially cooked 4) Eat plenty of yellow and orange vegetables. 5) Confirm adequate vitamin D levels with a blood test 7) Avoid supplemental folic acid.( بنا به اظهارات د کتر فارمن فولات طبیعی از غذاها باعث کاهش ریسک کانسر سینه و بصورت مکمل دارویی سبب افزایش ریسک کانسر میشود) 8) Avoid fried foods. 9) Exercise at least 3 hours a week Zinc has been shown in scientific studies to suppress tumor growth and induce prostate cancer cell death.28 There is evidence that adequate levels of zinc are protective, while deficiency and excess may promote prostate cancer.29 Zinc may be especially important for those who follow healthful plant-based diets: in one study, zinc supplementation alone was not associated with prostate cancer risk; however, among men with a high vegetable intake, the men who supplemented with at least 15 mg/day of zinc had a 57 percent reduced risk of prostate cancer compared to those that did not take zinc.30 Since zinc from plant foods is not always efficiently absorbed by the body.31 I recommend supplementing with a multivitamin and mineral supplement with about 15 mg of zinc (that does NOT contain folic acid