Toxins in Food Supply Are Now a Major Contributor to Chronic Disease



As noted by Dr. Joseph E. Pizzorno,16 founding president of naturopathic Bastyr University and former advisor to President Clinton on complementary and alternative medicines, "toxins in the modern food supply are now a major contributor to, and in some cases the cause of, virtually all chronic diseases." David Bellinger, a professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, estimates Americans have lost a total of 16.9 million IQ points due to exposure to organophosphate pesticides.17

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now acknowledged that glyphosate is a human carcinogen, and compelling research shows that bees and butterflies—critical food crop pollinators—are disappearing at alarming rates because of the toxic pesticides associated with these GMO monocultures. Glyphosate has also been found to be highly toxic to the soil surrounding a plant's roots (the rhizosphere), woodland plants, amphibians, fish, aquatic environments, and mammals18--causing reproductive problems and disrupting the endocrine system.

Even IF genetically engineered crops could produce more food to feed a growing population (and research shows organic agriculture is actually more efficient at creating higher yields with less input), what good will it do to produce more food if it's all toxic—to microbes, insects, animals, and humans alike? Ask yourself, who benefits from the idea that we "need" genetic engineering to survive? This notion is a manufactured one that has no solid basis in reality.

When you consider that Americans eat an average of 193 pounds of genetically engineered foods each year,19 the issues of compositional equivalency and glyphosate contamination are undoubtedly both importa

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