Dynamic Myofascial Treatment and ESWT


Dynamic Myofascial Treatment and ESWT
Jiri Nedelka (1), Tomas Nedelka (2)

(1) Rehabilitation Center and Pain Clinic, (2) Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Neurology Praha, CZ

Device and producing company:
BTL 5000, 6000, Storz Duolith Radial Applicator

The authors are presenting the original method of treatment of locomotive system. This technique proceed from experience of Prague rehabilitation school, rehabilitation techniques in combination with the effect of shockwave therapy based on the principle of mechanotransduction. Long time experience with shockwave therapy used at the functional and structural disordes of locomotive system are presented here.

Manual medicine techniques allow to relieve painful muscle spasm for follow up dynamic aplication of radial ESWT. This affects not only painful muscle spasm but also referred pain and peripheral pain perception itself.

Combination of manual therapy and dynamic aplication ESWT is very effective in the acute and chronic disorders of locomotive system with prompt pain relieve.Best effect was observed in non-specific cervical and low back pain and radial epicondylitis.

Manual therapy and dynamic aplication of ESWT has been much more effective than static one. This technique is enabling to affect multisegmental disorders of spine,fascias, joints.

Authors are presenting own technique of treatment concered in musculoskeletal system. Optimal combination seems to be manual therapy according Prague´s school and dynamic application of ESWT.

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